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The Ministry of Technology is not just a service provider for it's clients but also a platform for independent professionals in the software development industry to collaborate and work together on projects of a larger scale than they would normally be able to achieve on their own.

Here we will provide you with all of the resources you need to help you make use of our shared open source projects and get connected with other like-minded professionals for new development opportunities.


If you are a developer or a development manager that wants to improve the skills of your in house development team, we can provide that through our network of team members and partners. All of our staff are experts in their respective fields and will be able to work alongside you or your team providing additional development resources and skill sharing opportunities at the same time or via direct training sessions.

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Open Source Projects

Welcome to The Ministry of Technology open source projects. All open source Ministry of Technology products are distributed under the MIT License for maximum re-usability.

Most of our content is stored on both Github and Bitbucket.

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The Pylon is Live

The Umbraco Pylon project has been sat on the back-burner for over 6 months now as we've been tweaking it and evolving it alongside the redevelopment of this site. This week that all changed and the newly refurbished Umbraco Pylon project was isolated and pushed up to Github and NuGet. You can read all about Pylon here.

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Azure & Umbraco - Friends at Last?

A while ago I wrote a rather damning article concerning my experiences trying to bring an Umbraco site to bear on the Azure platform on a budget.

Since then the landscape seems to have changed somewhat, as well explained by Darren Fergusons seminar at the Umbraco UK festival.

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