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We work with entrepreneurs, tech start-ups, SMEs, digital agencies and large corporations to find the right technical and management solutions for your business. We are experts in implementation and transformation of software delivery organisations using pragmatic agile techniques that are custom designed to fit with your company culture. We can advise on any stage of the development process with our services ranging from platform advice, technical feasibility and strategy, right through to team facilitation, resourcing and troubleshooting. 

All our managed work is undertaken using the same agile approaches that we recommend to our clients from our development work right the way up to our communications. Agile methodologies actively encourage change and we utilise the most appropriate mix of Scrum, Kanban and other agile principles to maximise quality, communication and return on investment for our clients.

All our internal projects are currently managed using a cross-project approach which we have evolved to optimise our effectiveness and maximise our ability to deliver consistently within realistic time-scales.


A highly functional agile approach requires trust and communication regularly between stakeholders and the teams delivering. In order to facilitate this we operate a completely transparent costing and charging policy to our clients with individual resources applied to projects charged out on a given rate and subcontracted costs passed on directly so that our clients always know exactly what they are paying for.


This transparency allows us to fine tune the services that we offer to your business to provide just the resourcing and support that you need to ensure that your project is delivered to the highest possible standard.

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What is Agile?

The concept of Agile initially arose from the software development community. I firmly believe that many of the lessons that Agile adoption has taught in software R&D are just as valid in other streams of work; be they creative in nature or more service focussed. The biggest misconception that people have about Agile is that it is another ‘system’ to bring in that will make life more difficult. Quite to the contrary, Agile processes are designed to work with the teams that adopt them and to evolve over time to get tighter and faster.

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