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The Ministry of Technology have a history of agile implementation and transformation. We are experts in helping you grow the teams you need to make your products a success or building teams to make your products for you using the same best practices. We provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to help you through all stages of the software delivery lifecycle using a pragmatic approach to agile techniques, merging with your company culture, as we firmly believe that this delivers the best results for our clients. 

About Us

We work with entrepreneurs, tech start-ups, SMEs, digital agencies and large corporations to find the right technical and management solutions for your business. We are experts in implementation and transformation of software delivery organisations using pragmatic agile techniques that are custom designed to fit with your company culture. We can advise on any stage of the development process with our services ranging from platform advice, technical feasibility and strategy, right through to team facilitation, resourcing and troubleshooting.

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At The Ministry of Technology we offer agile consultancy and technical services for all types of businesses and can support you whether you just need a brief chat, ongoing support with mentoring and coaching or anything in between with services that are tailored to your needs.

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The Ministry of Technology works with a wide range of corporate partners to ensure that we can deliver the best possible service to our clients. We also maintain connections with a wide variety of associate partners with different skill-sets to ensure that we can bring the best possible people in to address any solution that we provide to you.

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Goodbye Stephen

We all have heroes. On 21st April 2016, the hero of the creative part of me passed away when Prince died in his home. This morning, 1th March 2018, I lost my other hero.

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Brexit from an Agile Perspective

Before I begin I should put my cards on the table clearly. I was (and still am) vehemently a Remain supporter. I also felt that the EU has many problems that need solving. I believed that we were better off steering those changes than walking away from them. I awoke on Friday 24th June to a world that felt just a little bit darker for me. Since then, I've been trying to make sense of the nation's Leave vote in the context of the agile principles and techniques. I think there's a lot here to help us understand why people voted the way that they did and to help guide us through the uncertainty ahead as best as we can, while keeping as positive as possible.

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Agile Cymru or "To Cardiff and back again"

I am finally sat down at my blog screen after 2 days of information overload at Agile Cymru and what an amazing 2 days it was. I managed to catch up with a lot of colleagues from over the last 10 years or so, all of whom are still taking the never ending agile journey. People laughed, cried, played games and, above all learned. This is why the agile journey never ends, because it's all about learning, about being better. It's not about being the best, just a little better than you were the day before and helping those around you to be better too.

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